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  • tati pisada 

  • minha menor nota foi 2,5 acho mas pra minha defesa a sala inteira tirou abaixo de 4 

    lixo de professor 

  • Minha menor nota na faculdade foi 1.3

    A professora tava puta e aplicou prova surpresa kkk

    gente? e pode?

    aqui é proibido prova surpresa 

  • joshua


    ai nega, sinto mto mas pelo menos vc n estudou, tem essa desculpa

    eu passei 1 semana estudando pra uma prova e tirei 5,5

    juro q me senti o maior saco de lixo

    kkkkkkkkkkkk eu essa semana

    passei 1 semana estudando pra prova e tirei 6

    é horrível né nega

  • ai nega, sinto mto mas pelo menos vc n estudou, tem essa desculpa

    eu passei 1 semana estudando pra uma prova e tirei 5,5

    juro q me senti o maior saco de lixo 

  • Ninguém usa Facebook em 2019 sua fodida aprende a fazer tpc

  • joshua respondeu o tópico OFF: Estou sozinho no fórum Logotipo do Grupo PAN34-PAN 12 horas atrás

    ahhh fenícia, tá sozinha porque quer. Hj cedo te chamei pra ir na balada comigo

  • joshua respondeu o tópico OFF: Estou sozinho no fórum Logotipo do Grupo PAN34-PAN 12 horas atrás

    chama um macho pra te comer


    ja fiz isso hj e ainda mee sinto só 

  • joshua respondeu o tópico OFF: Estou sozinho no fórum Logotipo do Grupo PAN34-PAN 12 horas atrás

    Profile photo of  -Profile photo of  Sexta feira tu me dá a resposta

  • joshua iniciou o tópico OFF: Estou sozinho no fórum Logotipo do Grupo PAN34-PAN 12 horas atrás

    n tenho ngm

  • feto n eh gente 

  • deve ser linfonodos amg

    provavelmente alguma infecção 

  • cheguei 

  • ele te obrigou a cheirar dps? 

  • o textão. me arrependi de ter pedido

  • joshua




    tem algum local com resumo??

    eu não vou escutar 40 minutos desse viado falando não.

    vale cada segundo

    mas se quiser pego um textão “resumindo” o video, porém tá em ingles

    pega o site com o textão. não aguento a voz desse viado com a lingua presa

    He just said last week was the darkest week on the Internet for everyone.

    He said he's filmed the video probably 12 times… it's a 45 minute video. Clearly it's scripted if he's filmed it that many times. (Reflecting after seeing more of the video, not sure how scripted it is actually) 

    9 minutes in and the whole video has been about Tati, not the serious allegations

    Okay, now it's looking bad for Tati. Tati said James never promoted her products or put her on his channel. He has multiple videos showing him with her products and at least one video of her on his channel. 

    Um, okay. “First of all, I am a 19-year-old VIRGIN.” How does this work when he has said so many times that his main sexual interest is straight guys?

    James claims that saying “Because I'm famous” is a joke between him and his friends

    Sam, who Tati said is straight, DID say he is bi and that he'd never been with a guy. 

    Here's something confusing. In DMs, James told Sam he didn't have to worry about having sex because he wouldn't make him do anything and it's not like James could post about it if they ~did~ end up doing something. If James is a virgin, wouldn't he have led with that? Hmm

    After James blocked Sam on Instagram, Sam later texted him from a friends phone telling him he is fully gay but is in the closet. He wants to keep talking to James. James tells him he isn't ready to try and make something work with anyone and can't afford to have his heart broken. Two texts later, he says the exact opposite, that they shouldn't talk because Sam is the one who isn't ready. On the phone later, Sam says he ISN'T fully gay. What the **** is going on here?

    James claims Sam was setting him up so he could record a call for YouTube.

    In a screenshot of texts with Tati about Sam, she says “You're supposed to hook up with the waiter, not marry him.” Also suggesting James is not a virgin and hooks up with locals often enough for his friends to talk about / support it.

    “I never got to experiment with love as a teenager and I think that's left me underdeveloped as a person in many ways.” I relate deeply to this.

    He uses a video of Jeffree Star explaining his attraction to straight guys as a good explanation for how James himself feels. It like… makes a little sense… but doesn't at the same time. James says it's a good explanation of how he feels… but doesn't say enough about how he relates to it to make sense. He just goes on to admit that he would hit on guys on Instagram but then he would stop talking as soon as they said they weren't interested. He also says he's never doing that again and that hearing how it made some of the guys who have come forward feel really upset him.

    Zara Larson corrected her tweet. At first she said he was always coming at her boyfriend in DMs. It was actually only one DM, and James says he didn't even know he was dating Zara Larson. James then shows the tweet that Zara put out before she met her boyfriend, where she posts pictures of him asking “who are you how old are you why are you so fine” etc. He points out that there's a double standard there, where it's okay that Zara posted pictures of this stranger and was abrasive about her attraction to him, but for some reason it's not okay for James to message guys or comment on their photos. “These stereotypes have been historically used to villainnize gay men in society.”

    James says the story about him touching a guy in high school was completely fabricated and that the person admitted it, calling it a social experiment.

    James saw Jeffree tweeting some shady things and texted him to see if they could talk and maybe find out whether or not the tweets were about him. Jeffree played it cool like it had nothing to do with him, said they would talk soon. Over some days, James keeps asking to talk, Jeffree basically ghosts him, until one day texting him back and saying that Shane, Tati, and some others told him what James was saying behind his back. James insists he has no idea what Jeffree is talking about and they should talk, Jeffree has an excuse why he can't talk.

    Because James took a few hours to respond to Tati's first video, because he was in Australia, Jeffree sent him this long ass text accusing him of psychologically manipulating Sam, trying to force some guy on Snapchat to fall in love with hi. He said the language James used on Snapchat was similar to what a rapist would say. Okay, Zach Snapchat guy is Jeffree's boyfriend's brother. 

    James does not say what Manny 2.0 means, but he insists that it was Jeffree's idea that James talk to Zach, and he shows a video of Jeffree telling him that. James says that he and Zach had maybe 10 snaps back and forth to each other and that it was clear he wasn't interested. He says the conversation stopped before it could get even remotely flirty.

    Maybe James doesn't know the difference between harassment and being cute lmao

    Jeffree texted James a couple days later saying “Grayson is going on camera shortly to finally tell the world how you tried to molest him and touch him in his sleep. And made him uncomfortable for months you sick mother****er.” Question: WHO THE **** IS GRAYSON? “Next, Zach will be going on camera to tell how twisted and sick you were, trying to get him to like you and then make him feel bad when he didn't want to send photos back. Then Sam from Seattle will be joining me and Cameron, to talk about you trapping him in the hotel room.” Question: WHO THE **** IS CAMERON? “You need to be locked in prison for a very long time. You need the Internet taken away from you. You are a danger to society.”

    Oh, Grayson is one of the Dolan twins? Is that right? I don't know them. Apparently Grayson and James were flirting in some videos they did together, but James said the flirting was planned in advance and nothing ever happened off camera. James knee Jeffree was lying in his text because the twins were the first people who called him after Tati's video to make sure he was okay.

    James says he and Zach have talked and neither one of them can piece together who Cameron is. Sam DID upload his own video the day of Jeffree's text, but even in that video he made it clear that his interactions with James were consensual. 

    In regards to Jeffree's tweet that his boyfriend banned James from their home, James says the tweet is the first time he'd ever heard about it. He also says it's weird if Jeffree's been so anti-James for that long since Jeffree tweeted him twice saying he loves him and misses him, after the supposed “ban” started. 

    Jeffree also texted James's best friend Drew, saying “How do you sleep at night knowing that you enable and support a predator and pedophile? Hopefully you seek help very soon and get away from that monster. When he trapped that boy (Sam) in his hotel room in Seattle and you didn't care about it, I knew you didn't have a soul either.”

    In the last couple days since all of this went down, almost everyone involved has reached out to James. Sam called him 9 times and texted him saying he's going to fix it and he's sorry. James shows screenshots. Tati and her husband have had a shared YouTube rep reach out to try and schedule a meeting with James. That rep also said that Jeffree mentioned a meeting. James declined the meetings because he has been trying to communicate with these guys for weeks without anyone agreeing. Since they started it publicly, he wants to end it publicly. He hopes one day they can sit down and meet for closure but he wasn't going to let the drama end behind closed doors without the truth coming out to the public. He also needs some time and space to get his head screwed back on before he attempts to move forward and rekindle those friendships. 

    “The last few weeks of my life have been the most painful time I've ever had to deal with… For a minute, I went to a place that was so dark that I didn't think I was going to come back from and I… I.. *stops* I can't believe I just admitted that on camera.”

    He's going to take some time away from making videos because he's lost focus on his goals. He'll still be on social media but not nearly as much as usual. His family has come to LA to be with him for his birthday next week and he wants to put all of his energy into the people in his real life. 

  • tem algum local com resumo??

    eu não vou escutar 40 minutos desse viado falando não.

    vale cada segundo 

    mas se quiser pego um textão “resumindo” o video, porém tá em ingles 

  • isso tão quase tão bom quanto a TaylorIsOverParty

  • o gif da eliana

  • n vou negar, amo a cancel culture 

  • Resultado de imagem para we love her again


    a aclamação mundial 

  • joshua


    o jefree n foi roubado um tempo atrás


    perdeu mt?

    acho q 1mi 

  • Lá nos eua só tem esquizo bicho kkkkkkk

    Pelo menos rende babado

    amo, os reality show de lá são iconicos 

  • o jefree prometeu provas

    quero só ver 

  • assisteh algum de terror amigah frexxquiinhahh

    to vacinado, n sinto mais medo vendo filme de terror 

  • o jefree n foi roubado um tempo atrás


  • sofro com vcs chamando a tati de cacura

    e age como uma pré adolescente mimada 

    como dizia a taylor em innocente 32 and still growing up now, só q no caso da tati é ainda mais velha 


    a fudida querendo fama já q morreu em lush life

  • tadinho do irmão da james gente

    o jefree é um monstro 

  • UranaUrach


    O mais engraçado foi o segundo video da Tati, ela postando video dizendo que não queria essa bagunça toda

    Old que essa vagabunda fez isso tudo planejado pra acabar com ele kkk mulher hétero é um lixo eu ainda nao sei pq viado ainda perde tempo tentando ser feminista pra ganhar biscoito dessas vagabundas. Os gays só deviam contar com outros gays e se não tiver outros gays lutem sozinhos mas ficar contando com ajuda de mulher é um lixo na primeira oportunidade elas te esfaqueiam pelas costas. Principalmente se tiver homem na jogada. Mulher é um LIXO as pessoas insistem em agir como se mulheres fossem santas que só sofrem mas elas tbm sao podres e baixas kkk

    mo? os fatos kkkk 

  • um brilho eterno de uma mente sem lembranças

    ja vi, amei 

    assiste o filme nosso ultimo verao na netflix se curtir filmes teen

    n gosto mo mas obrigado 

  • Ele dizendo que é virgem…

    amg eu n duvido kkk 

  • O mais engraçado foi o segundo video da Tati, ela postando video dizendo que não queria essa bagunça toda

    dissimulada né more 

  • zara homofóbica

    a gente deveria atacar ela no twitter 

  • Tanto barraco por causa de umas pílulas.


    tati recalcada pq n tem competência de hitar no mercado das pílulas sem mijo da lenda teen virgem 

  • grito q eu virei STAN do viadinho maquiado 

  • corre sim nega 

  • 2 meninas e um copo

    n adianta, n vou assistir esse doc da bey 

  • vamos negas, recomendem 

  • eu gritei com a poc garçonete q passou UMA HORA beijando a poc maquiadora e ainda disse q ela beijava mal

    pqp, qm continua fazendo algo ruim por uma hora? 

  • gente, vamos atacar a Zara no twitter 

  • a aclamação no vídeo dos inscritos 

    tatia ACABADA 

  • a tati é gente boa MAS ELA ESPUMOU demais

    eu nã entendi ainda pq ela veio dizer tudo aquilo PARA MILHÕES DE PESSOAS (o vídeo dela já tem mais de 45 milhões de pessoas) SENDO QUE ISSO OBVIAMENTE ERA UM ASSUNTO PESSOAL



    super compreensível ela ficar chateada por le ter promovido outra marca mas ela jogou o garoto pros leões acusando ele de assédio sexual 

  • serperior




    pra mim essa historia foi um livramento pro james, essa tati é uma cobra bixo

    cobra que fez ele ficar rico

    Ele é mais famoso que ela. Ela precisa dele, não o contrário

    Não é a toa que a vaca velha implora pra que ele promova a marca de merda dela kkkkkkk

  • amoooo vou assistir

    Mas o que tão fazendo com ele tá meio errado já. tem gente chamando ele de PREDADOR SEXUAL. GENTE???? kkk quando que uma poc dessa, só tem altura, vai ser predadora de HÉTEROS?



    veja o vídeo nega

    ele desmente com fatos

    foi consensual 

  • pra mim essa historia foi um livramento pro james, essa tati é uma cobra bixo

    toda mulher q se finge amiga de viado é assim 

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