MADONNA: 36 anos de lançamento do álbum MADONNA

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    Sou apaixonado nessas fotos do Martin Burgoyne

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    Single's da Era Madonna 


    A montage of a suburban locality. It shows children playing on the street, balloons flying, a dog carrying a frisbee, a policeman walking down the street (his back to the picture), a woman watching from the first-floor window of a building and a yellow fire hydrant.

    Burning Up

    A montage of Madonna's face. The images are arranged in square boxes in four rows, each row consisting of five boxes. The color of the images in the boxes are different and are made to appear as if they are painted.


    The black-and-white picture of the engine of a train. A symbol of a white arrow is present at the center of the engine's front. The words "Golden Arrow" are written on the arrow. A couple walks beside the engine on the platform, the man carrying a suitcase. On the top-right corner of the image, the words "Madonna" and "Holiday" are written in white, on bright red stripes.

    Lucky Star

    Madonna with hands folded and looking towards the front. She has unkempt hair and wears heavy makeup and a number of junk jewellery on her neck and hands.


    Madonna clasping hands and facing toward camera shoot wearing plastic ring bracelets on right wrist. She also wears huge crucifix earrings.

    Foto de perfil de Myers

    Holiday também tem esta capa

Visualizando 3 posts - 61 até 63 (de 63 do total)

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